Writing Mentorship and Consultation



Julia uses a student-centered approach to writing and mentoring that draws upon narrative theories, learning sciences, and personal experiences to help students identify a quintessential trait of each student to create a compelling, convincing college essay.  Julia draws out stories and experiences through innovative practices to help students compose a narrative and essay in a clear, engaging and reflective way.

Julia is currently employed as a Narrative Strategist and Storytelling Fellow at Fordham University’s Social Innovation Collaboratory to mentor and consult students to find their own voice, craft a story that truly portrays who they are, and build their confidence as writers and storytellers.

Julia’s previous experience includes providing storytelling consulting for the United Nation’s Equator Initiative, the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Fordham University, and the Resettled Students Group to craft compelling and personal narratives.

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“Julia was pivotal in serving as a writing coach for my Senior Thesis. She provided just the right amount of thoughtful edits. She read and analyzed my 40-page thesis, and shared thematic feedback for edits. She approached my thesis with attentive questions that elevated the style of my thesis without losing my own voice within it. Not only did Julia enhance my voice, boost my confidence in my writing abilities, and help me express myself clearly, but provided me with strategies for writing in the future.”

Rachel R. (Omaha, Nebraska)


“Julia’s tireless enthusiasm alone inspired me to work towards perfection for my law school application and essay. She was sure to offer comments and criticism with clarity and grace. I couldn’t recommend working with her enough!”

Jess M. (Long Island, New York)


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College Essay Consulting and Ideaphoria (1 hour): $75

College Essay Writing Workshop (1 hour): $75

English Tutoring (1 hour): $50

Creative Writing Workshop (30 minutes): $25

Creative Writing Workshop (1 hour): $50

Proofreading, Editing, and Review* (30 minutes): $15

Proofreading, Editing, and Review* (1 hour): $30

*Session can be completed in-person or online